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– we also offer care for our patients on Saturdays,

more details can be obtained by calling: 733 656 279


– our facility is provided with psychological and pedagogical assistance by

Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Center No. 7, ul. Narbutta 65/71, 02-524 Warszawa


In response to numerous requests from parents who entrusted us with their children, we also decided to create a Cloud Kindergarten.
Our kindergarten is, above all, a safe and friendly place for children, whose curiosity about the world is the greatest during these years. We surround them with warmth, care and support so that they can joyfully discover how wonderful and sometimes surprising the world around us is, so that they can gain knowledge that will, above all, push them towards an even greater desire to expand their horizons, a place where, according to our children, it will always be important where independent decisions are respected. Our kindergarten is the world of children and adults, where the adult is a guide and friend. Our interior is carefully decorated and the equipment is of the highest quality and carefully selected to comprehensively support the development of our students. We know how difficult it is to provide healthy conditions for children in the middle of a metropolis, which is why our facility has air purifiers, ecological toys and offers meals made only from natural, ecological products. By creating our kindergarten, we built a place where we would like our children to develop.

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In our nursery we’ve created the safe environment that stimulates children’s creativity.
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The food we serve to our pupils is prepared only of eco ingredients.

“The secret of our catering is not only the fresh ingredients provided by the local food manufacturers (for example potatoes and mirepoix are delivered directly by the farmers) but also love for healthy food, a combination of various tastes and seasonal vegetables and fruits.”


Emilia Stefek, main teacher

In 2016, I graduated in special education with a specialization in care, education and social rehabilitation at the Academy of Special Pedagogy. Maria Grzegorzewska in Warsaw.

I gained professional experience by working as a caregiver in one of Warsaw’s nurseries, then as a deputy director at the Małe Chmurki Nursery, as well as during student internships in orphanages and educational and rehabilitation facilities. I participated in numerous courses, including:

  • Development of speech stimulation in early school children
  • Supporting the child’s development through sensory stimulation.
  • Symptoms of sensory dysfunctions in infancy and preschool age.

I believe that every child should be accepted and loved, which is why an individual approach to each student is important to me – discovering their capabilities and overcoming their weaknesses together.

I have the pleasure of creating a place where adults and children mutual respect, trust and cordiality. However, I know that a wise and aware parent stands behind a child’s success.

Working with children gives me a lot of joy, and the children’s progress motivates me to constantly develop. The most valuable feature of children is selfless honesty, which is why every child’s smile confirms that I have chosen the right path – I have combined my profession with my passion.


Find out about the recruitment process, child’s adaptation in Clouds,
how to complete a starting kit and how much it all is.

The recruitment fee

1 000 zł

It is a one-off, non-refundable fee that guarantees a place in a nursery for your baby.

A monthly fee

1 600 zł

The monthly fee for full-time care


20,5 zł

Full-board is prepared from organic products. Additionally, fresh, seasonal fruit as a snack is available for children every day.

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We care about safety in our kindergarten!


Contact data:

ul. Modzelewskiego 37/U5
02-679 Warszawa (obok Galerii Mokotów)
t. 22 299 19 11
m. 733 656 279

Placówka wpisana do rejestru M.St. Warszawy pod numerem 13945/P

ul. Modzelewskiego 26/U3
02-679 Warszawa
t. 22 299 19 13
m. 733 656 259

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