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Nursery recruitment
for September 2020 is on !

We are starting recruitment to our new kindergarten


Please, give us a call to schedule a convenient
date of the meeting: 733 656 259

Do You know …


that in Little Clouds, you can take advantage of a nursery voucher


Our aim is to provide them with carefully designed interiors and allow them to take advantage of the equipment of the highest quality. We try to teach them the aesthetic sensitivity and love for arts.

We know how difficult it is to assure healthy conditions for children in the middle of the metropolis, therefore in our nursery we provide special air filters, eco-toys and meals made only from natural, organic products.

Creating our nursery we have come up with a place where we would like our own children to be.



See the gallery of our interiors


In our nursery we’ve created the safe environment that stimulates children’s creativity.
Find out more about our programme.

The food we serve to our pupils is prepared only of eco ingredients.

“The secret of our catering is not only the fresh ingredients provided by the local food manufacturers (for example potatoes and mirepoix are delivered directly by the farmers) but also love for healthy food, a combination of various tastes and seasonal vegetables and fruits.”


Natalia Jurgielewicz, the Little Clouds Director

I have graduated the Warsaw University, Pedagogics, in 2010. To improve my professional qualifications, I continued education at post – graduate studies in the field of Oligophrenopedagogy and Occupational Therapy.

From the very beginning I gained my professional experience through studying during student internships, among others in the Children’s Health Centre and combining learning with the work of a child carer.

I developed my skills and knowledge working as an educator, and later as a coordinator in one of the Warsaw nurseries. Additionally, I was teaching at the Academy of Effective Science. Working with children is my passion and the most rewarding activity.

I am a person full of energy and enthusiasm for work and above all – ready for the challenges that children put before us on a regular basis. I know that the profession I chose requires a lot of responsibility and effort, but I would not trade it for any other. I believe that the children’s stay in the nursery should be interesting and developing, but the most important thing is that children would return here with pleasure and feel safe with us.


Find out about the recruitment process, child’s adaptation in Clouds,
how to complete a starting kit and how much it all is.

See how we work in the new private eco-friendly nursery “Little Clouds”!

The recruitment fee

1 000 zł

It is a one-off, non-refundable fee that guarantees a place in a nursery for your baby.

A monthly fee

1 700 zł

The monthly fee for full-time care


18 zł

Full-board is prepared from organic products. Additionally, fresh, seasonal fruit as a snack is available for children every day.

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We feel safe in our nursery!

Toys are disinfected every day, same as door handles, switches, cloakroom and playrooms.

Tables are washed and disinfected each time after use.

We measure children’s temperature at the entrance and before exiting from the nursery.

Aunts and children often wash their hands with soap and water.

There are only one parent and one child in the cloakroom.

Children do not bring their toys to the nursery.

Parents have to disinfect their hands after entering the facility.

Aunts are equipped with masks (visors), gloves,
and protective aprons are at their disposal.

Children with symptoms of a cold (i.e. runny nose, cough) are not allowed to enter the nursery.

Playrooms are often ventilated.

Small groups of children.


Clouds prefer to be contacted by email since our phone’s ring is set very quietly. This is not to disturb our little ones’ while they play. However, we always try to call you back in our free time.

Local 1 – Modzelewskiego 37 / U5
Local 2 – Modzelewskiego 26 / U3
02-679 Warsaw (area of Galeria Mokotów)

Modzelewskiego 37
t. 22 299 19 11
m. 733 656 259

Modzelewskiego 26
t. 22 299 19 13
m. 733 656 279

Nursery is entered in the register of Warsaw City – number 387/Z/2018 and 481/Z/2020